Rising Above the Storms (RAS)

Rising Above the Storms (RAS) is a non profit organization that conveys my own life story, through struggles and God’s victory. Our goal is to reach out to inspire, encourage and teach about love, hope and forgiveness to people of all kind.

RAS’ mission statement is to:

  • Bring Hope: Encourage and inspire with a message of hope to rebuild a brighter and more positive future.
  • Advocate for Orphans: We are voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. We educate to open eyes to what orphans face, provide support to established orphans or individuals. We aim to positively impact and unconditionally love those who have no one to love them.
  • Empower through Education: by establishing Learning Centers that serve as a safe haven to allow street children and at-risk youth to dream and have hope through education and skills training as well as after school programs.

Click here to learn more how you can get involved and volunteer with our organization: Getting involved.

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